Photos from the launch of the Bill Johnson Estate

Rick Harley and Nat Cook

Crawford Giles and Richard Hockney

Lyndal Workman and Richard Milner

Bradley Jansen, Peta St Clair and Sandy Rix

Stephen Knight and Daley Mackenzie

Catherine Orford, Rick Hutchins, Marcus Rolfe and Christel Mex

Kym Burke and Matt Oliver

Damien Collins and Wayne Thorley

Tameka Thompson and Tom Steeples

Lou Fantasia and Greg Crafter

Sam Whiting, Zoi Papafilopoulos and Graham Nitschke

Grant Laidlaw and Crawford Giles

Heather Willis and Kerryn Smith

Mark Paholski, Craig Holden and Anthony May

Ian Gemmell and Greg Vincent

Laura Johnstone, Lyndal Workman and Fiona Nesci

The Team - Esther Heywood-Smith, Chris McCarthy, Basil Leo, Fiona Nesci and James Hooper

Rick Harley and Nat Cook

Rick Harley and Mike Smithson

The Board - Graham Ingerson, Philip Fagan-Schmidt, Richard Milner, Rick Harley, Kate Costello and Andrew CudmoreManagement - Chris McCarthy, Esther Heywood-Smith and James Hooper


Photography by: Naomi Jellicoe