What We Do

In a very real way, our properties tell the story of the densification of Adelaide.

AWH has over 300 properties available for rent by people in many different situations. We own and manage studio apartments, 2- & 3-bedroom apartments, 3- bedroom townhouses as well as semi-detached houses and stand-alone properties.

We have had to constantly innovate over time and change our model to make the most of the land we build on. Put simply, the more expensive the land gets, the more expensive the property becomes and this all trickles down to the rental price. AWH takes pride in continuing – since 1898 – to buy, build, and deliver homes to deserving workers and families in Adelaide at consistently discounted rental rates.

As urbanisation continues, infill increases, and we see higher-density communities grow in Adelaide, AWH is renewing its focus on putting people at the centre of everything we do.

The closer people are living together, the less the affordable housing sector will be about bricks and mortar and the more it will become about people and community. You can trust AWH have a time-tested and honed vetting process that puts only the most deserving and considerate tenants into our properties. We have worked hard to build a culture both within our organisation and among the workers we house of taking pride in the places we provide. A home is about safety, but it’s also about dignity and accomplishment. With a strong portfolio of properties, an Act of Parliament in our name, and more than 120 years delivering on the human rights of Adelaide workers, we are actively looking to grow our footprint and impact in South Australia.