Why AWH Exists

Adelaide Workers’ Homes Incorporated was founded as a progressive organisation based on the simple belief that people deserve access to affordable housing. The issue of affordable housing is every bit as contemporary today as it was when Sir Thomas Elder founded the not-for-profit organisation in 1898.

We exist to assist Adelaide workers in getting their life together – under one roof.
As Australia’s and South Australia’s economy continues to grow so too does the gap between those who can afford the market rate of property and those who can’t. There’s a strong belief at AWH that people make cities – not buildings. As our cities become more densely populated there is a real need for a housing organisation that understands communities not just construction.

AWH is a self-sustaining not-for-profit that believes in measured growth. We see opportunity for our organisation to partner with residential developers and government to help Adelaide grow in a sustainable way that creates room and opportunity for all. By continuing to grow, AWH we can continue to ensure we’re housing people who are in need, living up to our charter and building on the vision of our founder and board of trustees.